Dominican Republic Timeshare Rentals
Questions and Answers for Lifestyles Resort
  •    Why should I book with you over someone else?


A.          I have the highest level membership, Platinum Supreme Shareholder. You will receive the benefits described for all rentals. I have worked hard to be able to give my guests as much as possible while staying at the resort. There are owner benefits that a guest will not receive, such as access to 2 private beaches, and 1 restaurant. Other items such as private bbq, or helicopter transportation are owner privileges and can be purchased through the resort.


Q.            Do I have to sit through a timeshare presentation when I book through you?


A.            No. There are salesmen walking around and if you are not interested, a firm no  

will usually do the job. Should you decide to listen to the presentation, and do purchase a membership, contact me when you get back home and I will make arrangements to give you a $50 reimbursement.


Q.            I see that the biggest downfall is not being treated as a vip guest, how will that

          be different if I book with you ?


A.            All of my guests will have vip access, this includes the vip beach areas with the exceptions of serenity and harmony beach. Available to you are all of the   

          restaurants with the exception of Azul (owner only), and Jazz  unless you are

          staying in the presidential or spa suites. You will have invites to the VIP party

on Sunday night, transportation to Ocean World is also included for a Las Vegas style show during the middle of the week.   


Q.            Will I receive a golf cart with my stay?


A.              All of my guests staying in a villa will receive a golf cart included with your

Stay. If you do not receive one I will refund you $50 for your troubles. This is not a sales pitch, just a guarantee.


Q.              Which airport do I fly into?


A.              You would want to fly into Puerto Plata (POP) preferably. Transportation is

            included with any stay. If you fly into Santiago (STI) I can help with a taxi,

            usually around $120 each way and carrying 5 – 6 persons, and a 1 and ½ hour



Q.                Are there any additional charges associated with the trip?


A.                The only other charge is an entrance fee to the country of $10 per person.


Q.                  What extra benefits will I receive as your guest?


A.                  All guests will receive a complimentary day pass to Ocean World marine park.

           The park is like a mini sea world and is fun for the entire family. These

                tickets are valued at $55 each and are yours complimentary for booking

                through Dominican Republic Timeshare Rentals. Guests staying in villas will

                receive liquor delivered to your villa from a limited menu including, wine,

                champagne and rum. Villas will receive a golf cart with your stay included.

                All guests will receive priority seating to the restaurants, just remember to

                reserve as early as possible for the best available times.


      Q.     I am a member of another timeshare company, what benefits do I have by booking 

               through an owner such as yourself.


A.      By booking through an owner of Lifestyles, you will save a minimum of $50 pp

          per day on the all inclusive pricing. You will also have full guest access to the

          vip areas. You will be able to book 4,5,6 bedroom villas. You will have access

          to VIP Gourmet restaurant. You will receive a golf cart with your villa stay. This 

          is the beginning of a long list of benefits you will receive through an owner.     


      Q.     What type of electricity outlets are there and do I need an adapter?


      A.      If you are from the U.S. then everything is normal. You would only need to

                adapt to 120 volt power if you are from over seas than you will need an



     Q.      Does the resort have hair dryers and an iron in the units?


     A.      yes each unit has a hair dryer and Iron.


     Q.      Can I get a crib for my child?


     A.     yes, they are available upon request.


     Q.     I see that there is limousine service available, How much does it cost?


     A.     The limousine is not available to any guest of any member, subject to 

                availability or not, This is Owner only. If this changes, I will let you know.